Photo 9 Sep 1 note i-bite-and-say-rawr:

I went to the library to study…. This boy went to the library to watch idol army… Every time he laughed… People stared… (Taken with Instagram)


I went to the library to study…. This boy went to the library to watch idol army… Every time he laughed… People stared… (Taken with Instagram)

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Photo 29 Aug 1 note IM SENECA CRANE :D hahahah


Video 21 Jun 4 notes

This is what we do after i tutor him lolol

Photo 29 May 1 note Spent the past 4 days with this girl: watching glee, eating/buying food, working on random art thingies, and laughing our asses off. Oh and we bought an octopus tentacle and it looked like a mustache.

Spent the past 4 days with this girl: watching glee, eating/buying food, working on random art thingies, and laughing our asses off. Oh and we bought an octopus tentacle and it looked like a mustache.

Text 23 Apr 3 notes I did one for michelle, so you get one too buddeh.

I’ll start off by saying happy birthday to you alan! For some reason i’ve never really thought about how old he is, it feels weird to say/think he’s 18, but i know hes not 17, its kinda like the number 18 doesnt exist with him for me, i cant explain it any better than that :P But anyways, this guy has made a pretty big difference in my life this year.

He asked me “why dont you hang out with us calvin” and right there and then, i decided to give it a try, it was kinda awkward at first, cuz everyone there was like friends i’ve talked to due to having classes with them, but after that i really never kept in good contact with them. But im incredibly happy with them now. I had a shitty ass summer, and pretty much lost myself. I fell out with all my friends i thought i’d keep for life, i felt like they all hated me, that even the ones that seemed to look up to me didnt want me around. I thought the only friends i had were the key club kids, and they’re great, but i got to see them like once a week for 20 minutes. It sucked, i never really felt bad enough to want to do it, but honestly, i contemplated suicide, or just leaving my life behind. like wanting to run away and start a new life somewhere. I remember i used to try to get out of the house any time i could so i wouldnt be home alone and have all these shitty thoughts. Idk if i ever told him about all of that, but he was the first person to really ask about what happened with melanie and all of them. For the first time in a while, he made me feel like i was part of soemthing. And now i ended up talking more about myself than him, but moving on.

Alan and michelle became my best friends easily, he was the first friend i had that didnt play his video games and leave me bored in the corner. He MADE me play cod, and taught me how to play. He didnt pull a haymitch and throw me a controller and say “survive”. As the year went on, the closer we got, to the point where we’d have a good realtalks, which i think we need to have soon, but our conversations would consist of nothing more then, hey, supp, wassup ? watchu doin? nothin, you? nothing really, just sitting here/watching tv/tumblr/fb, etc. And then we’d get distracted for half an hour and repeat the same conversation. Yet.. in person, he was the funnest person to be around. He laughed almost constantly with me, he facepalmed cuz of me, i laughed cuz of him. I cant even begin to tell you guys what we laugh about half the time. But there were countless occasions, we’d just talk on the ride home, and burst out laughing for very stupid reasons.

This nigga doe, he’d be down like no other. Spontaneous as fuck. our nigga josh left him stranded for church, what does he do? he goes and eats noodles with me. Then we end up on the couch cracking up at how little i know about computer shortcuts. This nigga eats better than i do too, we be eating chicken, and he’ll be like.. Confucius says, break the bone to get more meat. And aahhh we eat a lot. One time we went to buy noodles, and we bought 3 cuz we were hella hungry, but we cooked it with too much water and got too full to even eat it, so what do we do? we eat it anyways. I never got to chance to talk about boys with him, but idk how that wouldve worked out, but alan’s such an awesome person, he probably wouldve been ok with it. 

Thats another thing, he’s more than cool with me being gay, along with maurilio, they’re the only ones that know how to make gay jokes and like.. idk we cool though, they know i wont get butthurt and so they’re not afraid to do it, which i appreciate, its like how handicapped people dont want help sometimes. speaking of which, i wish he would’ve told me he accidentally told aileen before i could tell her Lol but its all good.

Umm i forgot everything i already say, but i guess now i’ll just say i miss him. Badminton and tennis split us up pretty good. We were doing good at first, he used to come play tennis for a little bit, and we used to hang out still but we drifited a bit. He’s not at the bench anymore, and he can do whatever he wants if it makes him happy, but i miss having him around. Even so, he’s been on good terms with me, he’s invited me idk how many times to chill with him and badminton people, but i just feel so out of place, so i dont go, but for a while it felt like he stopped caring for me and replaced me with badminton people, but i dont see it that way now. i just want things to get better, have it go back to the way things were before 2012.

have the great atmosphere like at benchgivings. Have the spontaneous hang outs where we’d just meet up and decide what to do and actualy do it. The days where we’d eat throughout the day and play games like mariokart. The days where we’d do flips on the trampoline, slide down on a matress on the stairs, throw knives at planks of wood. HE never even got to try out the bow and arrow. But we needa get back to that kakashi-guy sensei vibe yea? Again sorry this ended up more about me than you.

Chat 16 Apr 2 notes LOL why so awkward >.>
  • ericaeww: psh
  • ericaeww: awkward.
  • meiscowvin: awkward exit
  • ericaeww: hahaha okay good night
  • ericaeww: dont even say an awkward good night
  • ericaeww: psh how awk.
  • ericaeww: haha jk okay good night calvin
  • meiscowvin: i wasnt even doone
  • ericaeww: ...
  • ericaeww: :o
  • meiscowvin: lool gniite
  • ericaeww: FINE
  • meiscowvin: OMG
  • meiscowvin: what do you want?!
  • meiscowvin: lol
  • ericaeww: HAHA nite nite nite
  • ericaeww: SHH
  • meiscowvin: soo do i say gnite agian?
  • ericaeww: no
  • meiscowvin: oh ok
  • meiscowvin: gniite
  • ericaeww: okay night
  • meiscowvin: LOOL
  • ericaeww: HAHA
  • meiscowvin: ok forreals though
  • meiscowvin: gnite
  • ericaeww: yes nite nite
Text 13 Apr 3 notes This ones for Michelle and how she’s the light of my life

Soo i met this bitch in freshman year, we were doing an icebreaker type of activity in physics. She comes up to me and says hi with the biggest smile, and i said hi, and smiled, and waited for her to ask my a question or some shit, but she just stood there for the longest time.. But yea, throughout the year, she helped me once in a while, she gave me a sheet of all the equations we learned to use and sometimes, she’d wake me up, although i guess she didnt do it enough.. I started to think she was a bitch cuz she’d get all bitchy with me when i asked for help.

Sophomore year.. i dont remember much, i do remember going on the french field trip with her, that was a fun day. And DCON, only year she went, but yea, that was fun. Then junior year.. she started hanging out in the same place i did during break/lunch. Got to know her a bit better, shes a fun person. Had 3 hours of classes in a row with this bitch that year. 2 hours of ap chem and then french. I just remember we had a game where we’d steal a rubber elephant off each others pencils, we actually got bailey to get annoyed with us. And then in french class, she’d be all like.. meechelle. I just remember her making fun of my “actualites” and making me share them. I also remember this one time, i told her “quelque fois, je veux placer un crayon dans tes yeux” I dont know why i said it, i didnt even want to put pencils in her eyes, but i just did, and she was afraid of me and pencils for a while. THENN… prom came along, and she found out i was somewhat scared of pins, so she held that over me.

Senior year started, and i had a pretty bad summer, with a few highpoints, but still bad. She and steven moved to the bench during lunch. And i didnt really like where i was, so i went there too after alan and aileen asked me to, and i was like huh.. i kinda like it here. And then yea.. started hanging out there more often, until it became everyday. I never expected this bitch to be a close friend or anything, but she ended up becoming like.. my best friend along with alan. But yeaa, those times were fun. I realized, she was like.. the first friend to enjoy being called a bitch by me and called me a bitch back. Very bitch like of her, but after a while, i noticed she had like.. 4 modes: a bitch, the bitch, dumb bitch, and my bitch :)

I just realized that this whole time, i never mentioned its her birthday. but yea, its her birthday today, and she was waiting for this shit, so now she can have it.. I have no idea if i did a good job, but i guess i’ll emphasize on how she lights up my life. Bitch loves food, especially sushi, thats just awesome, cuz shes always like, I want foooood~ and when we eat, she gets full but she dont care about being fat, mostly cuz bitch cant even gain weight when she tries to. She’s really sweet at times too, like when i was cleaning up, and she decided to help by finishing the chicken wings, so i could take care of the platter they were on. <3 true friend right there. And she can drive! she actually drives decently, but i like to make fun of her driving anyways. She did something really nice with this too; she was gonna learn how to drive on the freeway so she could drive to prom in case some of us decided to drink or something. I think im getting redundant now, so i’ll be nice..r, im sorry i can’t spend the day with you, but you take your ass and have fun at davis with the buffet. Thanks for always being a fun person to be around when we hang out, except for that time period, but you know.. iss all gouda. Since i have dcon for the rest of the weekend, thanks for making my “last” day of spring break not a waste. Michelle vu.. you’re the nicest bitch i know :)  ._. i’ve been too kind with words now, happy birthday you dipshit :D CANADAAAAAAAAAA

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